Upcoming Local Events.

Any Member of the Lewisham Local History Society who is involved with an event of general interest to Lewisham and environs can publicise it here; email the Web Editor and discuss it.
Any local organisation can use this service. Examples might be parades, medal ceremonies, notification of archaeological investigations or demolition of buildings.
The Society does not endorse any Events published here, and does not wish to be involved with any political or religious events that imply such endorsement.

Antiques Roadshow is coming to Eltham Palace and Gardens on Sunday 10 June
Doors open at 9.30am and close at 5.00pm. Entry to the show is free, everyone is welcome, and no tickets or pre-registration is required.

Beckenham Place Park History
Mal Mitchell from the Friends of Beckenham Place Park has asked us to bring your attention to their Website. It contains a massive amount of information that tells you all (or possibly more than) you ever wanted to know about the park.  Click here to read it.
Storyboards highlight the history and wildlife on Blackheath
Seven storyboards depicting the major events and wildlife on Blackheath have been unveiled in a £30,000 project led by the Blackheath Society. The boards form a history trail around the Heath, providing information of the events which occurred in each area, important characters who have shaped our history and, where relevant, ecological issues and its flora and fauna. They were unveiled on April 29 in a ceremony next to the first board, on Royal Parade
Archaeology News
The Society receives regular emails from Historic England, which in 2015 inherited the statutory and protection functions of the parent organisation well-known as English Heritage. These emails inform us that archaeological work at various local sites will be starting shortly. The source of these emails is Mark Stevenson, Archaeology Advisor (South London). The organisation's Web Site is https://www.historicengland.org.uk/ and it is very interesting. The ‘dig’ sites are:

Received 09/04/2018:
St. Dunstan's Jubilee Sports Ground and Club House, Canadian Avenue: 18/105843 (Lag/023/575) Clo25963 - Archaeology
The work is an evaluation of the site of proposed hockey and football pitches at the Jubilee Pavilion site, and is a condition of Planning Permission for levelling the ground for the pitches and revising the parking arrangements.

Received 09/04/2018:
Beckenham Place Park, Beckenham: 18/106331 (LAG/023/001) CLO26098 - archaeology
The scheme will comprise a range of work to restore and enhance the landscape of the park including the restoration of the original pleasure grounds, relocation of the main car park, restoration of the 18th-century lake and the creation of new footpaths.

Received 26/03/2018:
17 Brandram Road: 17/103409 (LAG/023/0597) CLO21862 - archaeology
Before the construction of a new two storey development at No. 17 Brandram Road, Blackheath starts, an investigation of some interesting decorative features will be made. An entrance lodge to Dacre House may be present, with possible evidence of a stable block.
Received 28/02/2018:
153 New Cross Road: 17104783 (LAG/023/567) CLO25458 - archaeological watching brief
Planning Permission is sought for the demolition of some industrial buildings, followed by the construction of a 3-storey building plus basement, all comprising 8 self-contained residential units and associated amenity space. Previously, artefacts from Roman times to the 19th century have been found.

We do not know the exact dates on which the above work starts or finishes. Full information about the above work is provided in a number of very large .PDF files which we cannot include here. I hope to talk to Mark about simplifying access to this data.