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All photographs were taken by the Web Editor, unless otherwise noted.
1. The Cupolae of Lewisham
    The Internet claims that the best Cupolae are in far-off lands.
    But Lewisham can hold its own, as this selection shows.
2. Lewisham Peoples‘ Day (2013-07-13)
    Lewisham's annual day out in the Park.
    and LLHS were there, of course.
3. Appreciating the Ravensbourne (2013-07-21)
    A walk along the banks of the Pool/Ravensbourne rivers.
    Led by Gordon Dennington.
4. The Excalibur pre-fab Estate (2014-01-18)
    A walk round the largest remaining pre-fab estate.
    Led by pre-fab expert Elisabeth Blanchet.
5. The Glue Factory, 59 Ladywell Road
    Once a well-known local landmark.
    It was demolished some years ago.
6. The Crossness narrow-gauge Railway Project (2019-03-31)
    Instead of a 700-metre walk from the car Park,
    you can take a ride on this train.
7. Doing the Wandle Walk (Saturday 2014-06-07)
    A conducted Walk along the River Wandle.
    Led by Jane Bowden-Dan, LLHS member.
8. GPS (“Satnav”) explained
    Is the Excalibur prefab estate aligned with the Meridian?
    We used GPS to show that it is true.
9. The Sydenham Cottages
    Over 300 years old.

    Lewisham Cupolae Quiz

 Answers here.

    Lewisham Peoples‘ Day (2013-07-13)

    Main Entrance

There was a discreet security presence as we came in.

    All the fun of the Fair

Plenty of visitors, as there is every year.

    The LLHS Stand...

“Monsters” was the subject of a recent Talk - nothing more.

    ...signing up a new member.

    Appreciating the Ravensbourne (2013-07-21)

    Catford - the start of the Walk.

The Walk was led by Gordon Dennington.

    It was a very hot day.


    Quite a lot of concrete...

    The end of the Walk.

Handy for Sydenham Sainsburys‘ Café - which closes early on Sunday.

    The Excalibur pre-fab Estate (2014-01-18)

    Briefing in the Site Office.

The Walk was led by Elisabeth Blanchet.

    We all start the Walk.

The Estate was built in 1946 in the London Borough of Lewisham.

    A very well looked-after pre-fab.

    There are a number of lanes like this.

    Inside a pre-fab.

The living-room, leading to the kitchen (with refrigerator).

    Two hours later...

...a welcome cup of tea - it was a very cold day.

    Fire at the Prefab Museum

To get the latest news, The Prefab Museum has a Facebook page (which you can visit without being a member). Here you can see photographs of the damage, and hopefully get news of the re-opening. For more details,
Click here.
The plan to keep the Museum open until 2017 depended on the raising of £15,000 to cover the cost; if this could be done, the extended opening would be permitted. Elisabeth's response to this was to attempt a very new way to raise money - "Crowdfunding". It is rather like buying shares in a new Company, except that it is done on the Internet and there is very little paperwork involved.
There is a Website called Kickstarter that organises this funding method; to see how it works, Click here.
You can see that the target was reached, on time. Here, there are photographs of the Museum, and a video to watch.
What will happen now? We must wait and see. Your Web Editor would like to point out (and this is merely an observation, as no facts are available) that the Museum prefab may be so badly damaged that demolition is inevitable, but there are still a good number of prefabs remaining. Maybe it will be possible to move the Museum into one of them.
I am sure that all Members will wish for a happy outcome to this devastating event.

Elisabeth Blanchet outside her Prefab Museum.
13th November 2014 - still no news.

    The Glue Factory, 59 Ladywell Road

    As it looked in 2003-06-18

Was it a fake? See: Brockley Blogspot 2010-12

    The Glue Factory – demolished 2010

Photo: 2014-01-25

    The Glue Factory – demolished 2010

Photo: 2014-01-25; viewed from what was the entrance gate on the bridge.
The site fits between the railway (left) and the river on the right.

    The Glue Factory – demolished 2010

The site as shown on Google Earth at least four years ago.
The factory occupied a very small part of the awkwardly-shaped site.
The walkway from the factory to the bridge can be clearly seen.

    The Glue Factory, 59 Ladywell Road – rebuilt

The building as shown on Google Earth in February 2017; A "Street View" image taken from the other side of the road.

    The usage is part residential, part office space.

The walkway from the factory to the bridge is not greatly changed.

The Crossness narrow-gauge Railway Project

Visit date: Sunday 31st March 2019

Thames Water Main Gate. We used to drive straight in.

Now we turn left and go through this gate to get to the path.

The path will need widening. Note the security fence.

Approaching the destination (700 metre walk).

One of the carriages that will be used, standing at the Station.

This is Busy Basil, the diesel loco that will pull it, re-built to look like a steam train.

Looking back at the track laid so far (about 100 metres).

Part of the display of Victorian flush toilets.

The loco's provenance. It has a well-known history. It was a gift to Crossness.

In 2022, it was realised that the locomotive needed a new motor.
In 2023, money was raised, and the new motor will be fitted soon.
It will then be possible to park at the Main Gate and continue by train!
February 2023: the train (renamed BAZALGETTE) is now operating again!

The Sydenham Cottages

    Answers to Quiz

1. Clock Tower feature.
2. Cinema, Ladywell (now Riley's Bar).
3. Boone's Chapel.
4. Trinity Primary School, Leahurst Road.
5. Lewisham Hospital.
6. Lewisham Town Hall.
7. 22 Brownhill Road (corner with Plassy Road) - marked “Suburban...”.
8. Pub “BLACKHORSE & HARROW”, opp. Town Hall, now called “The Goose on the Green”.
9. Forest Hill Library.
10. Above Garland Bros shop (now closed), Deptford, corner of A2/Brookmill Road.