The Lewisham History Journal.

The Lewisham History Journal is published annually by the Lewisham Local History Society. Publication is timed to coincide (when possible) with the December monthly meeting, and it is posted, free of charge, to all Members. Extra copies are printed and are available for sale to non-Members from the Society at the monthly talks, which are held at St Dunstan's Jubilee Pavilion, Canadian Avenue, SE6 4SW (see Map on the 'Talks, Walks, &c' page of this website). Please email the Membership Secretary to check the availability of the issue you require.

Non-Members are welcome at these meetings, which start at 7:30pm and are held on the last Friday of the month (unless otherwise specified in 'Talks and Walks, &c).

The high standards of the publication are due almost entirely to the Journal Editor, Jonathan Derrick, who has overseen all parts of the production since the year 2000.

The articles in the Journal come mainly from local historians, some of whom have supported the Society for many years. New blood is always welcome, from Members and non-Members alike. Please get in touch with the Journal Editor if you would like to write for the Journal.

Journal No. 29 - December 2021.
A special 68-page “Retrospective” Edition compiled by Society members
to celebrate the Society’s 60th Anniversity, and contains items
selected from Newsletters published over the last 60 years.

Journal No. 28 - December 2020.
p6. Father George Potter and St. Martin's House - John Reeves.
p28. Leaves from Literary Lewisham (part 2) - Malcolm Bacchus.

Journal No. 27 - December 2019.
p7. Archibald Cameron Corbett, a man on a Mission - Ben Honeybone.
p44. Literary leaves from Lewisham (part 1) - Malcolm Bacchus.
p61. Eltham Palace – A Palace of the 13th and 20th centuries - Jonathan Derrick.

Journal No. 26 - December 2018.
p7. Abraham Colfe, Lewisham's Benefactor and Protector - Julian Wilson.
p33. From Brockley Green to Crofton Park - Carol Harris.
p53. A Teacher, a Carpenter and my Family - Diana Beamish.

Journal No. 25 - December 2017.
p7. The Silvertown Munitions Explosion - Gordon Dennington.
p25. Prendergast School, Library and Paintings - Diana Beamish.
p51. Two contrasting Priests of Sydenham - Jonathan Derrick.

Journal No. 24 - December 2016.
p7. A Lewisham schoolboy remembers - Metropolitan Seraphim of Glastonbury.
p33. The Green Man Inn - Nancy Wilson (California).

Journal No. 23 - December 2015.
p9. George England and the Hatcham Iron Works - Douglas Hills and W. Grahame Hood.
p41. Janusz Korczac and the Industrial Homes in Forest Hill - Steve Grindlay.
p57. Edward Hatfull, Surveyor of Trafalgar - Freda D. Neale.

Journal No. 22 - December 2014.
p1. The Sacrifice and Survival of my family in WW1 - Gordon Dennington.
p19. Henry Williamson and the Christmas Truce in WWI - Anne Williamson.
p33. Captain William Colbeck, Antarctic Explorer - Sandra Margolies.
p59. The Victorian Development of the Telegraph Hill Estate - Malcolm Bacchus.

Journal No. 21 - December 2013.
p1. Theophilus William Williams, Lewisham's first Mayor - Steve Grindlay.
p13. The Adventurous Cow Family - Freda D. Neale.
p23. Leslie Howard: from Forest Hill to Hollywood - Jonathan Derrick.

Journal No. 20 - December 2012.
p1. The McMillan Sisters and the ‘Deptford Welfare Experiment’ by Pam Jarvis.
p15. William Bourne Lewis, Civil Engineer and his Family by Sue Allen.
p37. Notes on the Former Brockley County Grammar School 1907-1983 by Godfrey Smith MBE.

Journal No. 19 - December 2011.
p1. Lal Mohan Ghose: Victorian Politics, India and Deptford - Ray Thatcher.
p31. The Noakes Family and the Noakesoscope - John Kennedy Melling.
p47. The Deptford 1593 Marlowe Murder Mystery - Jonathan Derrick.

Journal No. 18 - December 2010.
p1. John Evelyn and his Gardens - Gill Friar.
p25. A Memoir of Florence Cow, Victorian Governess - Freda D. Neil.
p37. The Tradesmen of the Thames - David Blomfield.
p45. Book Review: The Ashburnham Triangle by Diana Rimel - Jonathan Derrick.

Journal No. 17 - December 2009.
p1. The Bombing of Sandhurst Road School, Catford - Gordon Dennington.
p25. The Coulderys: a Family of Talent - Rosemary James.
p35. S. E. London Technical Institute and Library - Diana Beamish.

Journal No. 16 - December 2008.
p1. Deptford to Sidney and back (1839-40) - Thomas Hatfull
p13. Sydenham to Antarctica (Ernest Shackleton) - Carol Harris.
p29. Lewisham Air Cadets 1939-45 - Godfrey Smith.
p39. Crossing the Borders - Sally Deves, Lewisham Archivist.

Journal No. 15 - December 2007.
p1. Lowne, a Family Business in Lee - Sue Hayton.
p25. The Slave Trade in Lewisham - Joan Anim-Addo.
p47 Master Index 2003-2007.

Journal No. 14 - December 2006.
p1. Mostly Catford - Peter G. Swinscoe.
p29. Frank Pratt, St. Stephen's - Jennifer Hawker.
57. Fred Copeman, Councillor and Rebel - Jonathan Derrick.

Journal No. 13 - December 2005.
p1. Lewisham's Black History - Steve Martin.
p25. A comment on Slavery - Peter A. T. Gurnett.
p29. Herbert Morrison in Lewisham - Andrew Flynn et al.

Journal No. 12 - December 2004.
p1. Southend Village - Peter G. Swinscoe.
p17 To work! To Work! (Samuel Bickersteth) - Margaret Ford.
p41 David Jones, a Brockley Artist - Meurig Owen.

Journal No. 11 - December 2003.
p1. The German Church in Sydenham - Peter Walker.
p33. Percy Leeds, Lewisham-born Architect - Kenneth V. Richardson.
p51. The Church Lads Brigade, Catford I - Peter G. Swinscoe.
p65. The Church Lads Brigade, Catford II - Peter G. Swinscoe.

Journal No. 10 - December 2002.
p1. Dolly Shepherd and Lewisham - Molly Sedgwick.
p37. Deptford-Somerset Link - David Rabson.
p61. Master Index 1998—

Journal No. 9 - December 2001.
p1. Twin Town's History Museum - Charlottenburg, Berlin.
Birgit Jochens.
The Bauhaus Archive is located in Charlottenburg.
p9. Fifth Monarchists in Lee - Alfred W. Wood
p29. Lee Races - Dave Kincaid.

Journal No. 8 - December 2000.
p1. Jacobites in Deptford - Jonathan Oates.
p13. Mumford's Flour Mill - Jonathan C. Clarke.
p45. Henry Williamson in the First World War - Anne Williamson

The existence and location of earlier Journals is not always known and we will investigate. Some notable publications (in our possession) are listed below.

LLHS Transactions 1978 (54 pages)
Foreword by Mrs. Joan Read, Dip. Hist, Chairman of LLHS.
List of Officers and Diary of Proceedings 1978-9
Printed/Published by London Borough of Lewisham (1979)
SBN 901637 45 9

LLHS Transactions 1977 (67 pages)
Foreword by Mrs. Joan Read, Dip. Hist, Chairman of LLHS.
List of Officers and Diary of Proceedings 1977-8
Printed/Published by London Borough of Lewisham (1978)
SBN 901637 45 9 (Illustrations by the Society)

Joan Read's Lewisham Local History Notebook
© 1992 Mrs. Joan Read, Dip. Hist, Chairman of LLHS.
A wide-ranging survey of Lewisham history from Wat Tyler onwards.
With photographs and maps. Vol. 1, 64 pages.

Birds of Lewisham
Published by Borough of Lewisham, date before 1990.
Concentrates on birds living in Beckenham Place Park.
39 pages (single sided), many good drawings (artist unknown).
Source: Parks Dept., Borough Engineer and Surveyor's Dept.,
Deptford Town Hall, New Cross Rd. SE14 6AE (obsolete info).
The whole publication has a "Joan Read" look to it.

The Quaggy River and its Catchment Area
© 1999 Ken White – hand scripted by the author.
An account of the river and its tributaries from the 18th Century.
With maps, pictures and sketches. 79 pages.