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July 2019

Diana Rimel

View a PDF document about Diana's life.

Frederick Lanchester
Click here for the Daimler and Lanchester Owners' Club

Albion Way bomb
Click here for the map at the National Library of Scotland Website
To view the Map, remove the large white square by clicking on the 'X').
Use the mouse to drag the map around, and view other parts of Lewisham.

Click here for a list of all the identified victims of the WW2 bomb

Click here to see the wording on the Plaques
(Panel 3 has the bus-driver Joseph George Moss near the bottom).

Plaque 3 (detail).

To read the full story of Leonard Mokotow: Click here (and search for Mokotow)

Eagle House (Whitbreads)

January 2019

Images shown in the Xmas 2018 Newsletter

June 2018

The final edition (No. 7) of the “Prefab Post” is on this website: Click here to view.
Here are the Links to view the Barton and Littlemore prefabs in Oxford.
Click here for Barton houses
Click here for Littlemore houses

Leland Duncan Grave Restoration
In 1998, this Society, Colfe’s School, the Old Colfeians and Lewisham Council jointly placed a headstone on the unmarked grave of the Lewisham historian and Old Colfeian, Leland Duncan. The Society and the Old Colfeians together recently carried out further restoration.

To mark this restoration, the Society and the Old Colfeians are meeting at the graveside at 11:30am on Friday 29 June. The cemetery is in Hither Green Lane - NOT in the adjoining crematorium. It will be signposted. After the brief ceremony, members are invited by the school to the Old Colfeians Club House in Eltham Road, Lee for light refreshments.

No booking is required but we need to know how many members will be attending as a matter of courtesy to the Old Colfeians. Click here to email John King, or telephone 020-8857 1819.

Here is a link to an essay that gives a balanced view of Duncan's work: Click here to view. There are a few “typo” errors, mainly in Latin words.

May 2018

Book Launch with Sabrestorm Publishing: Friday 18th May 2018
"Dear Old Blighty" by Mike Brown.
Author Mike Brown talks about the experience of civilians in 1914-1918 and the effect of the war on every level of society.

In the summer of 1914, Britain felt secure that the old order was firmly in place. Britain, through its navy, ruled the waves, and a fair part of the world through its Empire. Yet this security was an illusion; a war of unimaginable scale was just days away.

The war would affect every level of British society; first through the urgent need for a massive expansion of the armed forces, drawing in ever-more men from civilian life. This in turn denuded the factories, shops and farms of labour, at a time when industry needed to expand to clothe and supply the armed services, and agriculture needed to fill the shortages of food created by the U-boat assault on our merchant fleet.

Book Launch Poster. Use the QR Code above to view the YouTube video.

February 2018

The Sydenham Cottages

October 2017

A Medical Mystery

July 2017

Last month’s Talk (on Friday 30th June 2017) was given by Dr. Mary Mills on the subject of the Gas Industry in Greenwich. Towards the end of the talk there was a controversy about some of the facts presented. Dr. Mills has been kind enough to provide some notes that will clarify these facts.
Click here to read Dr. Mills’ notes. The notes also contain a link to Dr. Mills' original lecture in 1989 called “The South London Gas Workers Strike 1889”.

Issue 208 - Spring 2017

Kent History Federation - There are quarterly meetings at either Sandwich or Maidstone.

John King’s essay - The possibility of creating a ‘proper’ Museum for Lewisham.

Eldorado Musical Productions - Eldorado website.

Stephen Tuck’s Blog - WW1: Gladys in Hither Green.

The Glue factory rebuilt

Bromley Borough Local History Society

Bob Hope Theatre Eltham.

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